This is the 4th iteration of Molly's current project, "Heartland." Her research explores the idioms, sensations, and physical spaces of the heart. This pop-up event is a dance party within a DANCE PARTY in which multiple performances happen amidst moving and grooving, with live and prerecorded music. Come be our date, bring a date (or more), and share with us in co-creating the space.

No previous dance training is required, and dancing is not expected (just encouraged) ♡!

Dance West Fest teaching Artist 2019

Wellness within Pedagogy, Week 2

This class will address wellness practices for both the teacher and student, offer strategies for the integration of wellness within studio and lecture courses, and create dialogue around sustaining a life in the arts with the health of the whole person as a foundation. 

You can find a link for registration HERE

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