Heartland: Studies of the Heart

It's just around the corner, something is coming, yet it already happened.
The longest day.
When your heart beats so hard and fast that it dismantles your body, or when you lose the feeling of it altogether.
The density of living.
Slipping past your skin, hair on end
...thick. stuck. Like a tar you can't wipe off.
The weight of being alone.
Light. Bubbling up to the surface.
The outline of people. 
Love that shows up, and stays.
People matter.
Endings matter, but goodbyes choose you.
Beginnings happen.
That damn snake.
I wanted to keep my skin.


xx Molly

Heartland is a body of research in which Heller explores the idioms, sensations, associations, and physical spaces of the heart. Her research will premiere as individual studies and pop-up events in both Salt Lake City and San Francisco over the next year. Heartland will culminate as an evening length work in 2020.

Photo by  Tori Duhaime

Photo by Tori Duhaime

Part I: Solo + Trio


October 2018

Shawl Anderson Dance Center, Berkeley, CA

Commissioned work for UP Close East Bay

Performance: Molly Heller

Live Music: Michael Wall


November 2018

Performing Dance Company

Marriott Center for Dance, University of Utah

Performers: Liu Chang, Troy Martin, Bayley Smallwood

Music: Michael Wall

Mirrored Sculpture: Wendy Wischer

Photo by  Hillary Goidell

Part II: Three Solos + DANCEPARTY

February 10, 2019

The Beehive, SLC

DANCEPARTY with live music by Michael Wall + performance by Brian Gerke, Molly Heller, Marissa Mooney

Photo by  Hillary Goidell

Part III: Evening Length

Premiere date + location TBD