Core Beliefs

We are human. We are more.

We are living in this body.

Flesh layered with the world’s emotions, with the whispers of our ancestry.

This body, this house of form.

Pliable, sensitive, unforgetting.

The teacher of spirit, the mode of our expression. How we becomes I.


It is in this body that life emerges. Breath. 

The inhale deepens and awakens the inner. 

Full, fuller, free.

The five senses welcome extra. Extra-sensory perceptions.


Dimensions open their doors, the invitation for expansion.

Why? Why want more? Isn’t this enough?


I enters and quietly answers, yes.

Yes to needing connection and to a sense of belonging to something beyond form.

Enough is good, enough is programmed, enough is known.

Beyond is risk, it is blind and overwhelmingly vulnerable.

It is this feeling of seeking that I desire.


I seek expansion of perception, of codification, of practiced habit.

I value ritual and ceremony when growth is nurtured alongside.

Nurture the energetic pulse that never dies.

Perfection is dead, dead energy that lives on in those who are afraid.

Afraid of the new, afraid of losing hold of value, worth and of place.

Shake the dirt off the hardened roots. Replant, new growth.

Sprout. Bloom. Connect. 

Vibrant life, vibrant me, vibrant we.             

Teaching Beliefs

Teaching is my way of bringing people together. Teaching allows me to facilitate communal spaces where lived experiences are shared. I believe that the true vitality of dance exists when all forces align – the body, the spirit, the energy of the environment, the influence of sound, and the impact of other bodies sharing the space. My role within the classroom is to inspire others to be “in-life” and to find their path with heart. I am interested in facilitating experiences that allow students to awaken their purposeful path, to find connections with others, and to cultivate courage – the courage to practice continuous growth as witnessed by others. I foster environments where we get to sit with, and move, all sides of ourselves – our insecurities, fantasies, excitabilities, and power.

I teach to connect with people and life. True connections take time and are rooted in honesty with a transparency of values and beliefs. I encourage students to evolve as I evolve, where learning and respect are foundationally mutual. I hold appreciation for all facets of creative expression, for the ability to transparently reveal one’s self to others, to be immersed in-discovery. This is my constant reminder of why – why this, why dance? I carry this question with me into every classroom setting and I encourage students to formulate connections between their aesthetic and personal histories and art-making practices, and to deepen their points of view while simultaneously challenging these understandings.

Within studio classes, I value the continuous practice of whole-body movement where dancing and learning are approached with an easeFULLness. I train and foster adaptability in class, promoting vitality, resiliency, and longevity within one’s dancing. I honor proclivities and what “feels good” while simultaneously challenging what we avoid or resist (with an intention to not overly attach to either). My training in Pilates and Reiki-based somatic practices allows me to offer students a deeper knowledge of the emotional and energetic body with an awareness of one’s anatomy and physiology. Activated presence (decidedness, focal range, energetic tone) and group connectedness are key components of my technique and studio classes. Within ritual and durational experiences, I lead students through a “recycling” practice where we energetically identify what’s not serving us within class while welcoming in supportive energy. As a model of life, the classroom provides us with healing opportunities to self-regulate in the company of others. In this practice of tuning, I ask students and myself to fully show up (energetically, communally, physically). Fully showing up builds grit and a work ethic that supports talent. It is this daily/on-going/infinite practice of re-searching that allows us to stay “in-life” rather than performing versions of life. For me, teaching is not an act and I am not performing. It is through teaching that I can access all versions of myself. The unpredictable, every-changing nature of life’s ride is my ultimate reason for showing up to co-create the space with others.

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Photo by Sara Parker